About Us

Hi, I'm Greg, the founder and CEO of Funk Nasty Entertainment Enterprise. I hold a diploma in Music Industry Arts, and have over 6 years of production experience. My expertise both in and outside of the studio make me a valuable asset to any project.

I am also applying for a Guru position at Shopify! My true passion is music - that’s why I want to work at Shopify. Does that add up? Yes. Here’s why: I do not plan to support myself fully from any music/entrepreneurial endeavors for at least 10 more years. In the mean time however, I BELONG AT SHOPIFY. I know I can grow and feel happy here and unlike any other job out there, I know I can work for Shopify and keep my soul... And for that, I will do anything!

My interest in music production has been something that has always kept my mind open to new lessons, ideas and ways of doing things. And while knowing the ins and outs of Pro-Tools or Ableton won’t necessarily make me a great guru, these interests keep my mind in the perfect state to learn how to be a great one.

As far as the internet is concerned, it is responsible for almost every passion that I have ever had:  I was there for the OG Napster! I posted my first video to YouTube on June 4, 2006!  Not to mention I've found the tools to teach myself a ton about my career in music production. My life is on the internet, and I feel like my job belongs there as well.

 If you made it this far, thank you very much for reading, and thank you for your consideration!