The Inspiration for this Company.

by Greg Roberts April 15, 2013

The development of Shirts on Backwards has been a long time coming. I had my first encounter with mirror image clothing about a year ago when my girlfriend at the time came home from a trip to New York City. She’s a dancer and had picked up some clothing from a dance school she was hoping to one day enroll in (which she will be doing this summer! Very proud!). I don’t know if you know this, but dancers spend quite a bit of time staring in the mirror, and her new wardrobe was made for doing just that! All the writing was written in reverse and I couldn’t help thinking “What a personal kind of clothing to wear!”



This was part one of the process, and had to brew for a while.

 Part two of inspirational process came one day while I was working out, because yes, I lift… just not very much weight...


I was wearing a muscle shirt to aid in my ability to check myself out, as I am gorgeous, like all of you. Said muscle shirt has a fox on the front with two eyes, as most foxes do. I found myself staring deep into the eyes of this fox as I focused my strength and pushed out one last painful rep. The deep stare was liberating. “I need to share this revelation with the world” I thought to myself. At the same time I knew the fox had been done, old news! I needed something fresh, and deep down I knew that my face was the only thing that could improve this situation while making this glorious feeling I had stumbled upon accessible to the masses.


Fast forward to today… we have Shirts on Backwards, and I’m that much closer to being a billionaire.


Thanks for coming!

Greg Roberts

 Founder, CEO, Face.

Greg Roberts
Greg Roberts